LouiseAlan CarterMy English father, Alan Carter and Austrian mother, Louise, met and fell in love just after WWII in the town of Klagenfurt Austria.
I was born there in 1948 and several months later we moved to Rochdale in Lancashire to be close to my fathers family.
Life was tough for my parents who were not always accepted by the local people who had lost loved ones in the war.
The years in primary school,first in Littleborough, then in Rochdale, were very difficult for me as I was often called a half breed, and even the teachers used the term.
The war with Germany was still very fresh in the memories of many people, and no distinction between Austria and Germany was seen.
Secondary school, at Lowerplace , then Kingsway High were a little better.
My life changed for the better when I joined the Air Training Corps in Rochdale at the age of 14. As a cadet I grew and flourished and soon rose through the ranks. I left School at 15 and started work as an improver in an engineering works and then as an apprentice Panel-beater in Beursil Garage. At 16, I had my glider pilots wings and by 18, I was a Cadet Warrant Officer.

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