Engaging the Powers 4 The Reign of God

Equality, Healing, Non-Violence and Sacrifice

Jesus challenged the very fabric of Jewish and Roman society. He challenged the laws of purity, including the rules against the sick and the deformed who were regarded as unclean, and so forbidden access to the temple for worship.

Jesus showed that his touching the unclean did not contaminate him, but healed them. He challenged the laws on Kosher food, the class system, Temple Worship, the social norms that belittled women and children, and the use of ethnic distinction and violence. Holiness is not something to be protected from the outcast and marginalised, rather Holiness heals and transforms them into wholesome people. The gospel of Jesus dismisses the purity laws across the board.

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About Denis Carter

Fr. Denis A.V. Carter SSC Missionary Priest of the Society of St. Columban. Based in Britain serving as Vice Director of the Region of Britain. Currently working on the Mission AwarenessProgramme